Checkpoints Overview

Checkpoint Purpose

Checkpoints are specific rest stops on the course that are designed to monitor whether the participants are on pace to complete the event by 7:00 pm (sunset).

On-course Cutoff

All event participants must be off the course by 7:00 pm (sunset).

Participants that are not on pace to complete the event by 7:00 pm will be required to terminate the ride and be picked up by an official event vehicle for transport to Cedar Key.

Official event vehicles will be positioned at specific rest stops and depart at published times.

Checkpoint Schedule

Check Point Rest Stop Mile Marker Cutoff Time Miles Remaining Location Bus Depart
CP-1 RS-5 127 1:15 pm 73 Flemington 1:30 pm
CP-2 RS-6 150 3:15 pm 50 Williston 3:30 pm
CP-3 RS-7 180 6:00 pm 22 Otter Creek 6:30 pm


Checkpoint Cutoffs

Checkpoint Cutoff Times

  • CP-1 / RS-5: 1:15 pm
  • CP-2 / RS-6: 3:15 pm
  • CP-3 / RS-7: 6:00 pm

Early Checkpoints

    • RS-5 & RS-6 are designated as Early Checkpoints.

    • Early checkpoint locations are intended to identify if you are on pace to complete the event by 7:00 pm (arrival in Cedar Key).

    • You MAY continue on-course if you are past the Checkpoint Cutoff times for the EARLY Checkpoints only.

    • You MAY NOT continue on-course if you do not reach RS-7/ CP-3/Final by 6:00 pm

Final Checkpoint (RS-7)

    • RS-7 / CP-3 is the Final Checkpoint

    • All event participants MUST be past RS-7 / CP-3 by 6:00 pm

    • Any participant that arrives at RS-7 / CP-3 after 6:00 pm will NOT be allowed to continue in order to avoid riding after sunset at 6:47 pm.