Chip Timing


  • The Sea-2-Key Double Century is a RIDE, NOT a race.
  • It is mandatory for each participant of the Sea-2-Key Double Century to wear a timing chip.
  • Your overall time, from start-to-finish, will begin when you start in Ormond Beach and end when you cross the finish line in Cedar Key.
  • Each rider's chip-time will be recorded and posted.


  • Each participant will pickup their timing chip at the starting location.
  • The timing chip is on a Velcro strap that you can put on your wrist.


  • Your Sea-2-Key results will be captured using a timing transponder, commonly called “the chip”.

Please follow these instructions carefully.

    • Not wearing the transponder properly may prevent you from being timed/tracked.
    • Transponders are non-transferable! Be careful not to switch with friends, family, teammates, etc.
    • Wrap the  bracelet around your wrist before starting the ride and wear it at all times during the ride.
    • Be sure you cross the timing points at the start and finish line of the ride.
    • Return the timing chip to a volunteer after crossing the finish line.
    • Forget to return your chip? Please mail it in a padded envelope to CAAM Events at:
      1239 Bolton Place, Lake Mary, FL  32746
    • If you fail to return the timing transponder, there will be a $40 replacement fee.


  • In addition to the timing chip, it is important that you have your bib/frame number visible as much as possible during the ride— and especially when you cross the finish line.
  • Attach bib/frame number so it is visible to neutral support
  • "Total time” is calculated beginning when the event starts and ends when the cyclist crosses the finish line.
  • Cyclists should do their best to pass through the finish chute in the order they crossed the finish line.


  • This is not a start-to-finish race.
  • Your overall time from start to finish does not matter for this competition.
  • Your overall and gender rankings are determined by your overall time.