Parking Overview

Ormond Beach / Daytona Beach

IMPORTANT:  Parking at the start location, Andy Romano Park, is not permitted after sunset, therefore is not available for our event participants since most participants that return to Ormond Beach will return after sunset.

If you are staying at one of the local hotels in Ormond Beach or Daytona Beach, inquire with the hotel to get permission to leave your car in the parking lot until you return Saturday night or Sunday morning, if you are a paid guest on Friday night.

There are also two primary parking garages in Daytona Beach, 3 miles south of the event start location.  Consider parking in one of those two parking garages.

Parking is $10 for 12 hours.  Ask if you can park in the garage for 24 hours when you park your vehicle.

  • Ormond Beach
    • Andy Romano Beachfront Park
      • Parking only from Sunrise to Sunset
      • Parking after Sunset is NOT permitted
    • Hotels
      • Some hotels may allow overnight parking Saturday night if you are a paid guest