The Sea-2-Key Double Century will be marked with a combination of On-Ground Markings and Above-Ground signs.

The On-Ground markings will be Yellow spray painted arrows.

The Above-Ground signs will be a combination of black background signs with yellow arrows or yellow circle signs with black numbers.

Items to Consider

With Above-Ground signs, there is always the risk that someone may pull the signs or point them in a different direction.

For that reason, we strongly encourage each rider to download the route to their personal device (Garmin, Wahoo, Ride with GPS app, etc) and use that device as their primary route direction source.

One of the primary reasons to download the route to your personal device is that on occasion, the rider pulling or leading may miss a turn and unfortunately, the riders behind will unknowingly follow that rider off-course.

On-Ground Markings

  • Each turn will be marked with YELLOW spray painted arrows.
  • The arrows will be marked the following distances in advance of the turn
    • 500 feet (approximately)
    • 250 feet (approximately)
    • 10 feet (approximately)
  • A "Confirmation Arrow" will be marked AFTER the turn to confirm that you made the correct turn.
    • If you do not see a "Confirmation Arrow", you may have made an incorrect turn.

(Above-Ground Markings)

Above-Ground signs MAY be used in some locations to identify upcoming turns or other important information.

  • Please do NOT depend on Above-Ground signs.
  • In some cases, the signs may be intentionally removed by other third-parties.